We caught fish


Yesterday was a beautiful day with sun and a nice easterly brease from NE. Mid afternoon a loud shout from Micki: Fish… and a little later she had caught a small Dorade, which was a little to small to eat, but she continues her effort.
We are settling into the routines on board and everybody can now stand a full night watch alone. This means that life on board is relaxed and we are getting plenty of rest and time to read and reflex over life. Currently we are running generator and water maker. We are starting the day with a new person who goes on watch after the night watch from 0400-0800 is turning in, for a few hours of sleep.
We are completely cut of from the rest of the world. No news buzz or facebook can enter our small world. We have a library of movies and a lot of books, and now is the time they become handy.
Our position can be found on our website map and on the wwc.com you can find the status of the whole fleet. The last 24 hours we sailed 128 nm and our current position is 16 deg 21 N and 29 deg 09 W. Speed is 5 kn and cog is 298 deg.
Greetings from the Crew of North Star