Another day at sea with a water melon


Yesterday was just another beautiful day at sea 700 nm out in the Atlantic Ocean. We did not catch any fish and we tried to figure out who would go to the top of the mast and fix the genakker fastener which broke – but until now, no volunteers. We have now sailed 570 nm and our average is going up a little to 5.3 pr. hour so we have gotten a little more wind. Simon, our weather router is still asking us to go further south, which we will continue to do to find the wind. He says that end of week it will get better…This night I calculated that we have about 1500 nm left to St Lucia, so we are getting here. The Crew starts to dream about a boat which is still in the water, coconut drinks with rum and swimming around the boat.
By the way, we broke open a water melon yesterday and enjoyed,
Position is 15 deg 01 – 035 deg 26, sog 5 and cog 290 deg. Wind is 10-12 from E.
All the best from the North Star Crew