Seventh day at sea


Yesterday we thought we were in the doldrums near equator, where the wind is non existence. Imagen the Atlantic ocean as a swimming pool, totally flat. Yes correct, we have very little wind for the moment and yesterday we motored for a few hours in bare frustration. But I am sure the wind will come and then more. The grib files (weather forecasting) says Friday. We have sailed 672 nm since the start and today we will pass our 1/3 mark. The crew is in for a celebration – showers, dessrt and probably and sundowner as the exception to the non alcoholic rule. The mood is fine but the slow progress is not adding to the good spirit.
Our position is 14¤ 51 N and 37¤ 23 W, sog is 3,5 and cog is 310. It is blue sky and sunshine with 32¤.
Greetings from the crew of North Star