Thursday 23-11


A happy crew is always important but especially when you sail long distances and one way to accomplish this, is to have plenty of celebrations. And we use every opportunity, but yesterday became celebrations day, with both a birthday and passing the halfway mark to St. Lucia. So birthday song three times and even on the SSB radio, great American breakfast and North Star was decorated with flags and flying colors. Later at high tea we were served home made Carrot cake (my mothers receipt)and then later red wine and steaks. Who said that ocean crossings has to be hardship? Thanks to the North Star crew for making this a fantastic day.
Our position here at Friday morning running on engine at 0200 local time is 13.56 N and 43.18 W, sog 6.5 and cog is 285. Wind is ESE 6 and we have 1025 to go.
Windless greetings from the crew of North Star