The start from Panama – Pacifico


The biggest ocean of them all, the most deserted, the ocean with some of the most desirable cruising grounds – The Pacific. And today it is living up to its name! It is vast and deserted and not many boats come here exactly because of that, I guees. That is why we are here to take on the challenge, see the spectaculars – together with our buddy boat Greyhound.
We have taken up the challenge and have just started to cross the 9000 nm towards New Zealand. We left this morning and the ocean is like a mirror and the engine is running at 1300 rpm, very quit in the background. We have 840 nm left to Galapagos and we hope to arrive on the 17th of April – but only if King Neptun will let us pass the equator!!
We have used the last weeks preparing the boat and boat supplies for our 3 months crossing to the next supermarket on Tahiti, where we underway will visit Galapagos, Marquesa, Tuamotus and finally Tahiti. From here the plan is to continue to New Zealand.
I still have a few updates from our trip from Grenada to the crossing of the Panama canal via Aruba and San Blas, but have not been successful uploading the pictures – so they will come later – for now it is the Pacific, without pictures as this post is uploaded vis sat connection.
This morning just after we came out of the bay of San Jose, the last of the Pearl islands, we heard the blowing sound of a whale, and a few second later about 50 meters behind us, we saw a big whale greeting us welcome into the Pacific. Shortly thereafter, we were followed by a large group of dolphins, who I am sure, will bring us luck on our journey. Kim, our crew for this leg, was happy and claims he now only need to see pingvins on Galapagos!
Unfortunately our luck did not last for long. At least late afternoon we noticed that our 24 v alternator did not charge the batteries and frankly out here, you want to be able to charge batteries. We decided to continue to Galapagos and will amke repairs there. Until then we will make due with generator and solar power as I was unable to fix it.
But except these trivials, we are settling into a quiet rhyme and in a couple of days, the days will just pass as we enjoy our slow ocean travel towards one of the most fantastic place on this globe.