We have arrived safely in Fatu Hiva, French Polynesia

Dear all,
We have just arrived into Fatu Hiva in French Polynesia in a malleus rain storm after the worst 24 hours of our whole trip. We have been sailing in variable winds and squalls and made sail changes again and again. When we finally turned the corner and could see The bay of Virgins, which is one of the most beautiful in the world according to Lonely Planet, it disappeared in rain and mist.
We did pause our entrance into the anchorage and was awaiting visibility and suddenly in between the rain squalls and the heavy wind, there it was. The huge mountains, the pillars it is all as we hope for and more. Pictures will follow on our web site.
We slowly entered the bay, tried to anchor a few times – before North Star found a nice comfortable spot at 24 meters depth and with 80 meters of chain out, to protect us against the draft winds, which comes down from the 1000 meter peaks, in front of us.
We are tired and very proud. We have now crossed the longest stretch of blue water ocean we will ever cross. We are still far away from New Zealand, but this is by far the longest and most remote part. There is a strange sense of accomplishment in the boat, as we clean ourself up, have a glass of champagne and freshly baked scones from our kind and welcoming Norwegian friends, who arrived a few days before us.
Our buddy boat Greyhound and we came into the bay with less than 20 minutes difference and we have been following each other all the way. It has been extremely good to be two boats out there and be able to see a light and speak on the radio once in a while. Thanks to Greyhound.
The crossing have been really really pleasant. We have enjoyed it in so many ways and probably more than when we crossed the Atlantic. We have graduated and can wear the “red trousers” with pride and feel like real Blue Water sailors.
Thanks you to all of you for following us the last 19 days. The next post you will see will be on Face Book and our www.northstarcruising.com
All the best from the crew of North Star (which will now engage in catching up on lost alcohol consumption)
Laura, Emil, Marie and Kim