During our sailing carriers, we have collected a number of useful sites where we often go for help. Weather is a big one – if two sailors are together they will always discuss weather and their second love of course!

Today many of the weather internet links are being replaced by a structured collection of data, presented as information in an App. The only bandwith friendly we know about is PredictWind Offshore.

We are also members of a number of sailing organisation. This provides a social setting, great source for learning and a place to ask for help.

The links under Yacht ressources are both paid for services and free, but all of them are formidable in our quest for answer to the unavoidable breakdown of equipment.

Finally just a serie of interesting links to useful products for blue water sailors, communication challenges and others we have found useful.

A. Weather sources


Apps from Apple Store


PredictWind Offshore

Pocket Grib



Windfinder Pro


B. Sailing Organisations;jsessionid=MlznTpgP9h7mf5nlnyJYXy1tPQ1Vw5LmSGk2RRVyCzFd56J68nzZ!-68471815!-1922039455?_nfpb=true&_st=&_pageLabel=msi_portal_page_68

C. Yacht resources

D. Interesting links for navigation, products mv.