Cape Verde 859 nm


Finally the dream could begin and we sailed out of Las Palmas. Music was playing on the pier, people were greeting us and then we were out at the starting line!Even though we have sailed nearly 5000 nm since we left Scandinavia, it feels thats this is the real beginning of the adventure. We are going to cross an ocean and arrive in St. Lucia 2900 nm away. Now it is night and full moon – it just came out of the clouds and make this a beautiful light night with stars and white capped waves all around us. We are sailing in 20-25 knots of NE wind and is 50 nm from the coast of Africa. The fantastic crew is in a great condition, of course some feels the effect of the first day at sea be we all adapt very quickly and find our sea legs. We are grateful that we have this opportunity to be out here, far from our usual lifestyle, pushing our personal borders. Our position is 26 deg 29′ N and 015 deg 24W – cog is 241 and sog is 8 kn. The wind is boisterous at NE 20-25 kn and we are sailing under the main.
Enjoy your day.
The crew of North Star