Live From The Field


Following a rather long night zig zagging the squalls (small weather disturbance with lots of wind and rain) in the moon light, we feel like Columbus when he first saw land after crossing the Atlantic. We are proud and exited, but also reluctant to end the journey in our small time machine, where time have been at a stand still since November 5th. Since Gran Canary we have sailed 3052 nm with a brief stop in Cape Verde and we have reached the Caribbean. The promised land for sailors, outside the hurricane season!
I am extremely proud of the crew and of North Star, both have been tested and passed with flying colors. Remember, I wrote that the goals were to have a fun and safe experience where the crew would end up being able to stand a night watch on their own. All of these is accomplished.
That we also seem to be reaching St. Lucia first in our class, without the help of our big genakker which we lost on day 3, is just icing on the cake, as we were never competing…..
At 14.09 N 60.15 W sog 5 and cog 284 deg.
Happy and proud greetings from the North Star crew