Marquesa 14


Dear all,
The last 48 hours have been really slow. We are down to noon runs in the 140ties and that is slow for us. But a wind of 8-10 knots from behind jumping regularly 30 deg and sailing wing on wing is not a great sail for North Star or our buddy boat Greyhound.
So this morning with 830 nm left to Marquesa we put up our light weather sail the BLUE WATER RUNNER. And for about six hours we were running at 6 knots in 9 knots of wind – really good. But all good things come to an end and mid afternoon the halyard broke just outside the mast and 150 kvm2 sail was in the water! It is a normal house in the Denmark – so read alot of sail. But we were lucky that quickly we had all hands on deck – even Emil who was in the shower came up with shampoo still in his hair…Within and an hour or so we got it back on deck and lashed down. Hopefully nothing has happened except for the broken halyard.
For the first time since we started from Galapagos we are now running under engine and will probably do that through the night as we expect very light winds.
But now it is afternoon tea and banana cake and I believe the “kids” are going to watch another episode of Matador. So life is good and the weatherman has promised more wind in 30 hours – so we will be patient.
All from North Star on the 26-05-19 23:01 UTC
Still going strong,
The Crew