Another day in the office!


Today we finally silenced the engine after 24 hours. Maybe not quite for the right reason, as we suddenly could smell rotten egs in the aft cabin and when we inspected the batteries, they were very warm. So we stopped the engine urgently and of course at the same time as we were passing a russian research ship with a security parameter of one nm. Only the third ship we have seen since departure!
Fortunately, nearly at the same time as this happens, the wind decided to help us again on our journey the last 870 nm.
But back to the batteries. It turned out that this time it was the start battery for the engine which was seriously overheated. Our start battery and 12 volt bank have been acting up since the Canaries and it is time for finding a longterm solution when we arrive into St.Lucia. But until then one of our many backup plans are put into action and everything now works well.
In spite of this it was another nice warm day – we got wind, two freshly baked dark bread and halfway hamburgers for dinner.
So greetings on another starry night at 13.48 N and 45.39 W with sog 5.7 and cog directly towards St. Lucia.
All well on board, greetings from the crew of North Star