The trade winds arrived on the 27.11


As you have probably understood by now, it has been very smooth sailing (read: slow), as the weather gods have not blessed us with an excessive amount of wind… but during the night, the wind has finally arrived! North Star is now cruising along with 7 knots. We now have 611 nm left! We are all happy about the increase in wind, but it does make life on board inherently more difficult and your ability to balance is challenged (as well as your patience) to say the least. Every day tasks like baking bread, making a cup of coffee and chopping vegetables for dinner just takes that much longer – especially if it repeatedly ends up on the floor. Wooozaa. Another simple activity like taking a bath will also be a bit more of an adventure today compared to yesterday. All except Alex took a shower on the aft deck yesterday evening in calm seas, as she was cooking dinner, so today she will have quite the adventure of balancing the saltwater hose and shampoo in 18 knots of wind, all while not falling over board. We look forward to this entertainment 🙂
13.55 N and 50.27 W, sog 7.6 and cog 292 deg.
Lots of greeting from the North Star Crew (and the dolphins who finally came back to sail with us last night at dinner)