Status from a very comfortable crossing


Today is an exceptionally long day as we moved the ship clock from UTC-2 to UTC-4 corresponding to local time at Rodney Bay. But that is all good now that the wind is back! For the first time in weeks, North Star is surfing the 2-3 m waves in 7-8.5 knots. The Atlantic has now shown us a rougher side of herself and the crew is thrilled with the pick up in speed – less so while sleeping, as trying to position yourself in a way to minimize rolling is not always super comfortable – but hey, that’s life at sea.
One of the highlights of the day is our routine of afternoon tea/coffee, where the whole crew sits down together over something freshly baked from the oven or a healthier fruit version. Our supply of fruits and veggies has worked really well now with approx. 3 days to go. Marie will share some tips and tricks on how to store these to increase life span in a separate update. Status is that the citrus fruits are still doing well, while the toll on most of our fresh vegetables is visible. The melon count is down to 2 (from 4), after enjoying fresh melon yesterday. But scones has been voted for for today’s high-tea, which is surprisingly simple to mix together and bake while moving. So definitely something to recommend!
Today skipper has also been showered on the back of the boat. The sea water pump hooked up with a garden hose works fine. To complete the treat each shower is completed by a short shower in potable water from the water maker, a resource that skipper on other occasions watches over with the same scrutiny as battery capacity.

Windy and sunny greetings from the North Star Crew.