Another fish


The 17th was a good day on the Atlantic Ocean, with fine weather and great food. Alex caught our third Dorade. So thre friendly competition is 2-1 to Michaela.
We have now sailed 332 nm with an average of 4.8 nm an hour. Still a slow passage. But if this continues the passage will take about 17 days, which is two days longer than we calculated. And when you are out here the difference becomes irrelevant as time looses its meaning. 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness – one or two watches of four hours, radio services, preparation of food and sleep. And then it starts again – a simple life!
If you follow our position on our website map or the ARC website you will see that we are going south towards 15 N 37 W in order to avoid to be becalmed further North. It is a longer route, but it will enable us to continue sailing.
Pos 15 deg 42 N 031 deg 17. 9 W, cog 244 and sog 5 kn.
“Not all those who wander are lost”, JRR Tolkien

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