Big Swordfish were nearly dragging North Star along…


Yesterday was another slow day in paradise, crew enjoying the routines and eah other. That was until around 1630 were the fishing wheels started to whine loudly. We did not have any expectations as we have only catched weed and small dorados – but looking at the fishing rod, we realized this was different. We had to stop the boat and it took Eriks and mine collective strenght to wheel the fish in. All we realized was that it was putting up a tremendous fight and it was big. After a while it surfaced near the boat and it was beautiful multi-coloured swordfish at around 2.5 m. Fortunately we lost it a little later. If we actually had managed to get it on deck it would have been risky to try to kill it. But the important lesson for the crew and our Chief Fishing officer was that their is fish in the sea!
We are trotting along at 5 knot – very comfortable. Now we have gone further south to 13¤ 55N and 39¤30 W to avoid getting completely becalmed further north. Wind is 8-12 knots and cog is 290¤ taking us directly towards St. Lucia for the first time. We have 1259 nm to go.
Greetings from the North Star crew.