Ocean sailing in the middle of the night


Who can be so lucky to be able to celebrate your birthday at 14.02 W and 40.4 N in middle of the Atlantic? Yes it is me and when I released Alexandra at midnight I could enjoy four hours under a fantastic starry night. Four hours of complete solitude to reflect over the time which passed and the time to come. Not a bad birthday present!
Yesterday was another quiet nearly wundless day. Our patiency is being tested and we start to understand the true virtueof ocean sailing, here silently moving along wing on wing in 7 kn of wind doing only 3 knots. In a previous life we would be sailing under engine, being busy getting to somewhere! When sailing an ocean you have to go with the wind and not even attempting to taking charge.
Here we are and only 1150 nm to go, I hope it will last long.
Greetings from the crew of North Star