New skills


I feel very fortunate to celebrate my birthday on 14.02N and 40.4 W in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. After I released Alexandra of her shift at midnight I enjoyed four hours of looking at the stars in complete solitude, just reflecting on the past and on the future. Not a bad birthday present!
Today was another quiet, nearly windless day. Our patience is being tested and we start to understand the true virtue of ocean sailing. We are currently sailing wing on wing during the night with 7 knots of wind moving 3 knots – with another 1120 nm to go. You realize that you just have to go where the wind takes you. You are no longer able to control time, speed or arrival time. So you go with the flow….and we are slowly learning this long forgotten skill in our modern society. So life is good.
Greetings from the Crew of North Star.