A night on the Pacifico


A moonlit night on a vast ocean – it is beautiful and with no skies -just stars to show us the way. We are cruising with 6 knots and listen just to the speed of the boat hitting the waves – everything else in the world is quiet and crew sleeps in your bunk – and I am in the grove for much more sailing – finally. I do not know, why but the first three days seems to be an uphill battle every time. We have finally past the ITCZ and the doldrums, so at least for now the evening lightshow on the sky, which scares the s….out of me is over and no more engine or drifting for now – just pure exhilirating fats sailing. It does not get better than this and maybe the expectation of a cold beer when we finally arrive.
AS you will observe from our postion, we are closing in on our first passage of the equator and the are at least a couple of first timers on board. Accoring to the ritual the need to be baptized and make their peace with King Neptun, to secure the boat safe sailing, and we will certainly arrange accordingly.
Our position is 01 46.557 N and 085 33.478 W, cog is 221 finally south east and sog is 6.3 with much less counter current than in a long time. 289 nm to go – which is about two days – so we are soon making landfall, at these fantastic islands, we have all been reading about.
Looking forward to thread lightly in the footsteps of Darwin and see the turtles, which caused a revised view on our story of creation.
Life is good,